Peter Chen, a successful life Insurance agent

Update 16th June 2008: This is a "fictitious" post made while waiting for content from AIA's KL/WealthVest insurance agency. Actually Peter Chen just only passed his PCE (Pre Contract Examination) Part 1 and 3 on June 14, 2008 and signed the contract to become a life insurance agent for AIA. Below, with effort and time, hopefully will become a true story:

Introducing Peter Chen who first joined AIA as a life insurance agent in January 2007 and has already signed up RM2 million in premiums and earned himself an income of RM30,000. Peter Chen attributed his success to joining the right agency, getting proper training and guidance from his mentor Kok Lee Wah. Ms. Kok Lee Wah is the District Manager of KL/WealthVest insurance agency of AIA (American Life Insurance) Malaysia.

If Peter Chen can do it, you can do it too.

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