Passed CEILI Certificate Examination in Investment-Linked Life Insurance

I passed the Certificate Examination in Investment-Linked Life Insurance (CEILI) with a grade A today, so another step foward in my inspiration to live a Dream Driven Life(TM) and leave a legacy.


Kok Lee Wah

Kok Lee Wah is the District Manager of AIA's KL/WealthVest insurance agency. She was previously agency manager or unit manager of AIA's KL/Legacy but gave up this great name for a life insurance agency for KL/WealthVest. Kok Lee Wah had been a life insurance agent for a number of years and is very successful as indicated by an AIA man who remarked that she is a legacy in AIA. I myself have seen a client who came to see her on his own and watched her close a case right in front of my eyes.

Kok Lee Wah has earned more than RM 1 million over the last 3 years in the insurance business that gave her an opportunity to help individuals and families become financially secure, and at the same time also built a legacy for herself. She is one successful Malaysian insurance agent to emulate.

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